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Cloudy n' Blue All-over Print Crewneck Sweater CLEARANCE

Cloudy n' Blue All-over Print Crewneck Sweater CLEARANCE

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Second-hand sourced cozy blue crewneck sweaters adorned with block printed clouds.

Design is hand printed using black non-toxic oil-based fabric ink.

Clouds are printed on the front and back of sweater.

Hanes size Large- 46" bust 24" length

Hanes size X-Large- 50" bust 24" length

Sweater Care tips: Cotton material, flip inside out, machine wash cold, dry medium/low

Second-hand sourced items may show signs of wear, pilling, or slight discoloration.

This piece is unique and printed by hand in my home studio. You can expect small variations in inking and pattern orientation.


Things to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents or have allergies. I share my home studio with a cutie pie tuxedo cat and a sweet ol' yellow lab. I also burn incense and I am a candle maker. Thanks for stopping by!

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