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Magic Carrot Patch Block Print Handkerchief

Magic Carrot Patch Block Print Handkerchief

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This second-hand sourced deep orange colored handkerchief is adorned with hand-carved blocks and handprinted using black oil-based non-toxic block printing fabric ink. This cloth has a hemmed edge.

Perfect for adornment or as a decor piece.

Each piece is unique! Not only are these textiles sustainable because of their up-cycled nature, they're individually printed by hand in my home studio. You can expect small variations in inking and pattern orientation.

  • Size:  18" x 18:
  • Material: Up-cycled deep orange cotton 
  • Hand wash or spot clean

Things to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents or have allergies. I share my home studio with a cutie pie tuxedo cat and a sweet pup. I also burn incense and I am a candle maker. 

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