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Paint Til Death Limited Run - Glitter Sticker

Paint Til Death Limited Run - Glitter Sticker

Pato Aguilar

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This design is a remix of colors featuring Pato Aguilar’s original “Pinta Hasta La Muerte” sketch.

A cream colored skull with cranial sutures and teeth, with one gold tooth up front, looking to the left. The words “pinta hasta la muerte” surround the skull, written in a hand drawn, vertically weighted typeface in black ink. To the left of the skull is a pink frozen popsicle with one drip, on a wooden stick. A small yellow smiley face is found below. To the right of the skull is an ice cream cone with teal ice cream and a heart-shaped cherry on top in red. The entire design is surrounded by a thick black outline and has a red to orange gradient backdrop to make the design pop. 
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pato aguilar original art